Friday, 4 November 2011

Remastersys Is Back..............

Recently I got too excited when I heard rumours that remastersys is back, the project has been dead for sometimes now and many noobs like me wondered around looking for a easy way to duplicate my system and to make my custom ubuntu liveCD/DVD. The fact that my custom liveCD/DVD is packed will all goodies that the native ubuntu doesn't is what make the whole thing exiting.

But I was fed up when the remastersys project was no more, simply because I couldn’t be able to do my custom liveCD. I heard there are many ways to make a LiveCD of Ubuntu but for me I found those ways too complicated, I mean they required the use of commands to be typed in Terminal, I hate typing and so is doing the commands, simple GUI works for me and remastersys provided both CLI and GUI and simple even my wife could click click and get her own custom Ubuntu.

Now for the good news that made my week Remastersys is back and the creator promises more features and support for other Linux Distros and the support for latest Ubuntu versions. You may ask yourself why need a custom Ubuntu? Oh yeah its simply because I like making things my way, and the fact that Ubuntu doesn’t come packed with mp3 and all other restricted plugins by default, so to spare a friend a headache of having to wonder around figuring out how to play His favourite pirated mp3’s (LOL) and AVI/Mpeg/MKV blah blah etc, yes to you who have internet always it is just few clicks or commands away from getting the plugings on board, but if you live in SA were Internet is expensive or you new to Ubuntu it is not just as easy as it is said to be.

I can’t wait to get the stable release of the latest remastersys and all this goodies he promises including the simplicity, He promised the ability to have the livecd being below a native CD capacity. Last time I made mine it was over 1.6GB, I didn't mind since DVD's and USB drive are getting larger by day.
You can read the Ubuntu Forum post posted by the creator of Remastersys  Here and Further Comments 

Thank You....

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My overall Ubuntu exprience

I have been using Ubuntu for couple of years, to be precise it was from 2006 when I was fed up with viruses in my Windows machine, I know I had to have had good anti-virus, and yes I had one indeed and it was working but the reason I was easily infected was because it was always not up to date (yes it was not Microsoft Windows fault), I had to active internet at all, I had to rely on internet cafe of which I had to travel to town which is almost 40-50km and worse those internet cafe at that time in Nelspruit didn’t allow downloading big files (most still don’t). With such problem it means I had to format my system every time I get infected with a bug.

Google helped me find where I filled up the registration form out of curiosity of Linux and specifically Ubuntu as the word is in my native Nguni language (Zulu “ubuntu”, Swazi “Ubuntfu) and the fact that the Operating System is founded by Mr Mark Shuttleworth who is also a South African, I told myself I want to know more of this Linux Ubuntu thing. I searched around the internet using a cell phone and found that it won’t and easy ride having to move from Microsoft Windows to some new interface of Linux.
In recent years I have progress a lot I now use Ubuntu 11.04 (I know 11.10 is out) and I have used each and every release since 2006 until now. I had a rough ride from installing to understanding the structure of Ubuntu, on that road I also learn to dual boot ubuntu with Windows, I would always use Windows for my general everyday use as I was not familiar with this Linux. I have now grown into learning but yet to be perfect, the learning curve is not smooth sailing as you know it’s not easy to move from something you know to something you are clueless with.You may find yourself frustrated, sleepless nights and angry. Making Ubuntu work is just a piece of cake I just have to lose the Windows mentality and flex my general computing knowledge. The reason I found it hard for the transition was that I only knew a
computer as Microsoft Windows. I didn’t know that a computer involves the Hardware’s and the OS (Operating System), So basically I thought a Computer is Microsoft Windows (lot of people still do). I wasn’t alone in that mindset and even today people still have that mindset that a computer is Windows, people come to my house to copy some staff and find themselves in a conundrum and ask what in the world is this? Mind you most of these people either went to some Computer school/Academy to study a computer. I don’t blame them I was once like that, so when I was scrabbling my way into the ubuntu setup I expected that my Windows programs like Nero, Microsoft Office etc (.exe) will work, well I didn’t know that Linux is Linux and Windows is Windows, the programs were simply compiled to work on a Windows machine (although there is WINE which is the emulator for Windows Programs, it isn’t perfect), all I had to do was find their Linux alternatives of which MS Office had LibreOffice (previously had OpenOffice) of which is the Open Source alternative of the popular Microsoft Office suite.

Now yes I still dual boot Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu but do almost everything in ubuntu, The reason I still keep Windows is simply because of EA FIFA games and FL Studio, I just love the EA FIFA games and Fl studio, yes FL do have its alternative like LMMS but its not there yet in terms of perfection and I could also install FL Studio in Wine but the VST’s just don’t like Wine.

My overall experience with Ubuntu has been tough but only because I was like a programmed robot that knows only the Windows commands. Now that I have learned some alternatives for Windows I know I won’t be screwed by Ms Windows again.

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