Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nst Mbombela rap Dead or Murdered

Nelspruit local hip hop has got some shining talent and producers. beats a produced at high standards, the likes of AB Crazy and others are currently top producers countrywide.

Hustlerz got tough words on the MIC they breath fire, they are poetic, they are talented but why Nelspruit rap never goes anywhere? yes I mean talk is cheap!!!! I have been listening to cats tracks and notice that there are useless "beef" that is being cooked against fellow Mbombela cats. what happened to working together njenga bomkhaya, fellow soldiers in this war to dominate SA rap scene, I mean look at Motswako, why can't we make something like that and breed talent and dope tracks, is it not possible? no it is possible.

oh wait there is also the matter of punch lines, yes I know cats are on the ring punching them lines but does a song really have to dwell too much on punches, what happen to telling stories, talking the bull against its horns on corrupt politicians? Me honestly am tired to hear abo K.O wannabe or Pro wannabe everyday. Cats must yawn in a different way and be unique and different.

DOA(Dead of autotune) can we finally lay to rest the amateur, noissy, squirmy and bad sounding autotune? even T-Pain has no market coz autotune has gone to swim.

Ok I know cats wanna be famous or think they are, well let me tell ya'll something cats, if 2 people hear ur track it doesn't make you famous and its the same as having your track downloaded 3000 times, you not yet famous no not even close, so what if your track gets air play once or twice? no you ain't famous yet dude coz you ain't receiving royalties but at least you got some exposure.

Come one MP NST nemaphetselo. Talent is here let's make it big

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